Learn English online in Second Life®

Do you want to improve or refresh your English knowledge?! “No Problem" with an English programme from Languagelab in the virtual world Second Life®!

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The best way to practice a language is to talk to native speakers. So Languagelab has found an ideal place for it: the 3-D online world of Second Life®, where people from all over the world meet via their avatars (your virtual representative) and communicate over voice or chat with each other. By having conversations with qualified instructors you can improve your English dramatically, easily, and quickly. Languagelab offers different activities in its specially developed virtual city, called "English City".

This realistic reproduction of a large city includes hotels, homes, offices, an airport, a restaurant, bars, shops, galleries, and night clubs. When you are in the city talking to the instructors and other students, you don't need to imagine what it’s like to be in a restaurant ordering food - you can practice doing it for real. And you can practice your English every day in realistic situations.


Languagelab works in the following way:

Depending on your plan, you book blocks of four or eight classes per month. The classes help with conversational skills, pronunciation, grammar, business English, exam preparation and much more. Additionally you can to meet the community in "English City" as often as you want for practice sessions.

Here are some advantages:


    - Improve your linguistic self-confidence; you will be able to communicate spontaneously and fluently in English.

    - Location-independent: learn comfortably in front of your own computer; you don’t need to travel to a language school.

    - Flexible access: Learn as much as you like in a friendly environment

    - Small errors are corrected directly by the instructors

    - Large English learning community: Forming English friendships is easy in "English City".


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Together with Languagelab we additionally intend to offer German courses in our virtual city newBERLIN.

In order to estimate the demand of those courses correctly we would like to arrange a survey to find out which courses are favored.

Click here to get to the survey.